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Alteroo is a customer experience technology company

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How We Work

Let's talk about CX

Talking with you helps us better understand your Customer Experience (CX) goals. 

We start by listening and asking a lot of questions. We want to understand you, your problems and goals. And when we’re pretty sure we get the picture, we want you to listen to us as we share feedback and bring our expertise to bear on your situation. We'll work with your people and processes and make them more effective with the right CX technologies. That’s how we build the foundation for successful projects - Together. 

What We Do

Responsive Websites

We build websites which present content well whether they’re being viewed on a desktop or smartphone. Over the years we’ve built a website development toolkit that allows us to choose a methodology and technology mix that fits the specific CX needs of a project. We can build you a simple one-page site or a data-intensive site with a content management system as the backend. And we provide documentation and training in cases where our clients want to manage the content of their site themselves.

Cloud & Intranet Infrastructure

Cloud computing has created all kinds of new possibilities for how we can work and collaborate. Perhaps too many possibilities. We help our clients identify, assemble or build applications that suit them, walk with them through adoption and training, and help them evaluate if their new tools and processes are working. We do this for intranet applications as well.

App Development

 If you need more out of your web and mobile systems we’re the people to speak to. At Alteroo the term “app” means frictionless deployment and maintenance. We'll help you do away with the “bad old days” of sending technicians from desktop to desktop installing new software and configuring new systems. The engine behind these platforms is often referred to as an Application Programming Interface (API). Alteroo develops APIs that make your services and products smarter.

Linux Support & Training

We love the freedom Linux offers but we understand that clients need the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have a strong team supporting them. Very early in our history we took the decision to certify our skills, as a result we’ve acquired Linux+, LPI and RedHat certifications. We provide support for planning, deployment and management of Linux server systems. And through our training associates/partners, we’ve provided trainers for the past 10 years who have trained Linux engineers working in Jamaica’s top companies.

Who We Are

About Alteroo

  • Established in 2004
  • Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica

David Bain

Founding Partner

Avid coder and innovator. Speaks fluently with technologies. Has dozens of ideas per day. Keeps Alteroo soaring.

Joel Bain

Managing Partner

Loves seeing technology helping people to do what they do better. Speaks fluently with clients. Filters David’s ideas. Keeps Alteroo grounded.